Allan Gray 360 degree feedback

We look forward to your feedback contribution, which should not take longer than 10-15 minutes, as there are only 22 questions in total.

What is a 360 degree tool:

360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback is a process whereby multiple respondents (direct manager, peers, self and direct reports) whom know the leader well, provide input into a leaders performance, in our case based on our Allan Gray 5 E s leadership model.

Benefits of using a 360 degree tool:

360 degree feedbacks help the leader identify leadership trends, and potential blind-spots (both positive and negative). Leaders need to understand how their contribution is valued and what is expected of them in the future. The 360 degree feedback will assist the leader in developing plans to fulfil these expectations.

Whom will be assessed:

All leaders (Team Leaders, Operations Managers, Heads of Departments and Directors etc), in Allan Gray that are responsible for 2 or more staff will be assessed annually using the 360 leadership degree tool. The person being appraised, their direct manager and HR will have access to the reports.

How will the outputs be used:

These results will not be used as metrics in leader s performance appraisal, but rather as a development tool feeding into their personal development plans, as research has shown this to be the optimal use for 360 degree feedback.

Origins of the 360 degree questions:

The 5 E's leadership model was developed internally with senior and middle line management collaboration in 2006. It has formed the basis for structuring all of our internal leadership development programmes, assessment centres and now our 360 leadership degree surveys. The 5 E's refers to: Example, Edge, Execution, Energy and Engagement. These five dimentions act interdependently. We believe these five components are important for all leaders if they wish to effectively lead people at Allan Gray. We do not however prescribe to a cookie-cutter approach, and realize that leaders will live these out differently given their different personalities, strengths and level in the organisation.


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